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Introducing the Bridco Kingpin Adapter

Fg1 regular and inverted view

   Installation video shows how to snap the adapter into your fifth wheel plate. With so many different styles of fifth wheels in many cases there will be a 3/8" gap between the kingpin bolster plate on the adapter and your fifth wheel plate, so I have made the compensation ring which is a 3/8" flat washer to close this gap and allow a tighter fit. (This is included with the FG1WCR) And can be purchased separately here and on E Bay

   If your fifth wheel is lockable you will need to lock it in a non tilting position as when using our adapter your trailer will pivot on the ball.

   If your fifth wheel plate is not lockable you will need to block it both front and rear in a fairly level position to allow for a rigid vertical towing position, the trailer will now pivot on the ball instead of the fifth wheel plate as it does when pulling a kingpin type trailer.

   Our adapter does raise the hitch height about 4.5" above the fifth wheel plate, so you may need to adjust the bolster post on your trailer to allow for level towing of your trailer. So if you don't have at least this much adjustment you may wish to consider another alternative to towing your trailer.

   Many pick-up type fifth wheels are 360 deg pivoting and or are not lockable or may not be made so you can safely block them so our adapter may not be applicable in these situations.

   It is your responsibility to make sure you can have proper hook up for brakes and lights as well as all required safety chains and brake away to meet DOT requirements.

  If your towing situation does not meet the above criteria please do not order one  as we do not accept returns.


Our Kingpin adapter is solid steel Kingpin hydrogen welded to a hardened

steel 25000# 2 5/16 hitch ball,

primed and painted with a good quality enamel black paint.

(Sometimes if the trailers goose neck is offset you

may need to block your fifth wheel plate to keep it from tilting. This is an

almost impossible item to find,

and certainly makes your trucks hitch more useful allowing you to pull 

goose neck type trailers with a

semi-tractor or other truck with a fifth wheel plate. The main post of your

goose neck trailer may have to

be adjusted to allow the trailer to ride level. You will love this handy adapter.

The Kingpin is rated for 80,000# , typical for semi-tractor fifth wheel plates.

The recomended towing capacity of our adapter is

25000 lbs

The Seller assumes no liability for the use of this item.

This video will help with removing the adapter from your fifth wheel if the trailer is uncoupled first, using a short chain, load binder and prybar.

Our kingpin measurement diagram

This is a diagram of the standard 2" semi-trailer kingpin we use to build our adapter B=1/2"


The USPS flat rate medium box shipping 2 - 3 days within continental US

     *this is not guaranteed and it can take 5 days or more including handling

 Please use the contact page for any concerns you may have.

Fg1 paint room
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