Bridges family

I'm Rob Bridges and this is my family, born and raised in Iowa myself and raising my family there as well.I guess when your raised in a small community you tend to want your family to enjoy that too.

Family history

I have many occupations from mechanic to machinest, from pumping gas to managing a retail store, have been on the line in manufacturing factories and meat packing, finally ended up owning and operating a residential building construction firm for about 30yrs until a couple years ago the economy finished me off. We had built these adapters for our own use when trying to economise by using semi-tractors to pull our goose-neck trailers instead of pick ups in 2005, when I closed up shop I decided to build a few and sell them upon the requests of folks who needed them, they liked them and used them just like we did. In 2011 I started marketing them on E bay and now the adapter is being used in 48 states. I personally build each and every one myself and am proud of it. Thats our story

Family owned and operated

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